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Our Services:

Since 1982, Factory Associates & Exporters, Inc., Inc. has been providing services to the Oil & Gas industry ranging from procurement, service provision and merchandising to the establishment of heavy industries.

Today Factory Associates & Exporters, Inc., Inc. principally based in New Jersey with a network of offices in various areas worldwide.

For ease of operation, subsidiary companies have been established to undertake specialized functions towards the achievement of the set goals of the group. These are:

Project Management & Support

Safety Logistics

Procurement of Equipment and spare parts

Prompt Processing
Factory Associates & Exporters, Inc. will process, forward, and place any inquiry or order directly on the applicable supplier within 48 hours after our receipt of same from you.

Direct Expediting
Factory Associates & Exporters, Inc. has the ability and contacts to personally visit or directly expedite the facilities or factory of any supplier who delays in responding or begins to fall behind in their originally promised manufacturing schedule.

Handling & Shipping
Factory Associates & Exporters, Inc. will make all necessary arrangements for the handling and shipping of each individual order in strict compliance with the specific requirements and instructions by your request.

Clearing & Delivery
Factory Associates & Exporters, Inc., through its local representative. Will be responsible for the clearing and delivery of each shipment directly to you.

As a group, we are dedicated to serving clients in the oil and gas, power generation, telecommunication, electrical and electronic, manufacturing sectors. We have over the years steadily grown and expanded into new areas of expertise. We have a vast number of qualified personnel in all fields of endeavor and with the capability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

We offer a complete range of cost effective services that reflects uncompromising quality, a commitment to cutting edge technology, attention to details and a strong desire to create long term business relationships. From the initial concept of your project to the execution of the final stages, we remain relevant and are ever ready to serve you. We get the job done with innovative thinking, expertise, and a dedication to our clients.

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